Becoming a Community Producer

Membership $60 (Milwaukee residents)/ $80 (Non-Milwaukee residents)
Small studio MPACT $40
Portable Equipment $60
Main Studio w/crew (need at least three people) $85-per person
Power Director Editing (Windows) $20
Final Cut Pro Editing (Mac) $60

MATA Community Media is on Time Warner Cable channel 14 and 96 in the City of Milwaukee if you have a cable box, or on channel 97.14 and 97.96 if you use your HDTV without a cable box. Both of our channels can be seen on channel 99 on AT&T U-verse in Southeastern Wisconsin. MATA programming is now streamed on-demand by clicking on our Video On Demand tab and then clicking on the icon.  All future producers are required to have a membership with MATA Community Media which is $60 a year for individuals living in Milwaukee or North Shore, and $80 a year for individuals living outside of that area. If an organization wants to join MATA Community Media, the cost is $200 a year if the organization is in Milwaukee or North Shore, or $300 a year if the organization is outside of that area. An organizational membership allows for up to 5 members of the organization to use our equipment after training.

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